Forgive me if I write a lot, but I want you to know as much as possible about everything involved in getting your headshots. I hate when I visit a website and there just isn't enough information.


I have two headshot pricing options, one for $350, the other for $600. Full details are below. Currently I am offering only natural light headshots, which are shot on locations and not in the studio. Natural light is my favorite - it results in the most natural skin tones. There is a required non-refundable deposit of $150 for any headshot services.

$350 - A Basic Headshot

This is approximately one hour of shooting, at least two clothing changes, and you get to choose one image as your final headshot.

  • Approximately one hour because if I have to shoot longer to get something great then I shoot longer.
  • There is no limit to the number of pictures I take - again, I want to get a great picture, not hit a quota. It averages about 300 but it can be as high as 700 (PRAY it isn't that many, it will be really hard to make a choice).
  • Usually there are two clothing changes, but sometimes more, and sometimes only one - again, it is whatever works best.
  • Usually I shoot at three locations, all less than a minute from each other, but it depends on the light and what looks best for you.
  • You pick one headshot and I retouch it with Photoshop. You get all the files you need to get it properly printed, sent for digital submissions, etc.
  • If you like more than one image, I will retouch additional choices for $125 each. And again, you get all the files you need.

$600 - A Complete Package

This is two+ hours of shooting, multiple clothing changes, and you get to choose two final headshots.

  • At least two hours, but sometimes more because I shoot until we are both really happy.
  • There is no limit to the number of pictures I take. Now, hopefully it isn't something crazy like over 700, because that makes choosing really difficult.
  • A Complete Package is about different looks. We want to get at the least a High Energy, a Film headshot, and then perhaps some specific looks that fit the way you might be cast.
  • Usually I shoot at three locations, all less than a minute from each other. We choose the locations based on the different looks we're trying to achieve.
  • You pick two headshot and I retouch them with Photoshop. You get all the files you need to get it properly printed, sent for digital submissions, etc.
  • Very often people choose 5 or 6 shots. If that is your case we will figure out a change for additional Photoshop work that lets you get the images you need for your career affordably.

Regardless of what package you choose, I upload your pictures to a secure, online portfolio. I color correct them and mark the images I think are best for you. And you get to pick what you want. And of course we discuss it via email. There is no pressure to choose: it's about getting the right headshot.

Additional Choices and Retouching

You can choose as many headshots as you want beyond what is offered in the above packages,  but I charge $125 for retouching each additional picture. Each additional headshot you choose is $125 for retouching in Photoshop. If you go hog wild and want a bunch we will discuss a lower rate. But a bunch means a bunch - not 2 extras, I mean a bunch.

No, you can't have unretouched additional headshots for free and no, you can't retouch them yourself.

About Headshot Files

All retouched headshots have three file types:

  1. High Resolution PSD file - this is the file that gets sent to for printing purposes. It is way too big for normal email or to do anything with other than commercial bulk printing of headshots.
  2. High resolution TIFF file - this is for printing at Walmart or CVS if there is a "I'm out of headshots and I need one for an audition tomorrow" sorts of emergencies, sending to places for publicity, for use in programs, etc.
  3. High resolution JPG file - this is the file you use for digital submissions on websites, sending via email, etc. It is small enough to easily send, but big enough that it could even be printed in a total emergency.

The Process

To start, I need your contact information and a bit about you and your career goals - there is always a point to getting headshots.

From there, I send you a secure form so you can upload a picture of yourself and take care of the deposit.

The picture is so I know what you look like and can give you ideas about what to wear, what sort of looks you might go for, etc.

We then schedule a time.

At the start of the shoot we pick clothes, figure out looks, and of course talk a lot about you and what you're up to. And then we start shooting. It's always a lot of fun, because you only get good headshots if you're having a lot of fun. And we shoot and shoot and shoot, and discuss what is working, etc. We talk a lot, shoot lot, laugh a lot.

At the end of the session you pay your balance (cash fine, check fine, debit or credit card fine). I do not post any pictures online until balances are paid.

I cull through your pictures to pull out the ones with blinks or really dumb facial expressions (unless they're really funny, in which case I might email them to you), and I pick out the shots that show you off the best - generally, this is about 20 to 100 images. I put all of the images in a secure, online gallery and send you the information to get in and see your photos. You can let anyone you choose see your pictures to help you decide. Usually it takes me about two days to get everything sorted and online for you.

And then you pick, and we discuss choices. Once you've chosen, I retouch the image using Photoshop and send you a proof. You can make changes - it is important you're really happy with your headshots.

If you're using to bulk print headshots I upload your images to their server and all you have to do is call them and give them a credit card.

I'll send you your digital submission file(s) so you can post it to your website, Actors Access, etc. If there is anything else you might need we've probably already talked about it.

I keep all your images archived in case there are other shots you want from your session for future headshots, to send to grandma, etc.


Cancellations and Reschedules

A natural light headshot session is a bit dependent on the weather. Rain or very cloudy conditions can result in a cancellation and rescheduling if I determine that there is not enough light to get a top quality headshot. That being said, it is fairly rare for this to happen - modern cameras work quite well in difficult lighting conditions, but in the event I think a shoot won’t work due to weather I will contact you in plenty of time (before you leave to travel to the shooting location). And we will also reschedule so we can get your pictures done.

Client cancellations can happen as well. Please give me 24 hours notice. In the event of an emergency - you’re sick, your child is sick, global warming causes flooding of your village, etc., there is no penalty. However, if this gets to be a habit - say, three times, I keep your deposit and that is that.


A nonrefundable deposit of $150 is required for any headshot services. I accept credit cards (via Stripe) as well as Venmo or Paypal.


Reshoots are at my discretion.

I want you love your headshots. If, after we shoot, we both agree that we don’t have the right photo for you and your career goals, I will reshoot your session for no additional fee. In 20 years I’ve done perhaps four, and two of them were my choice - I am generally pickier than clients.


I offer discounts for siblings and for you and a friend, provided sessions are scheduled consecutively on the same day. Contact me for details.

I do offer packaged discounts for groups, ie - I come in and take headshots of every member of your play cast, etc. Please contact me for details and to arrange a package.

*A guy wrote me a year ago. He was very charming. He was a new actor, starting out. He pleaded for a discount - I think his words were, "Poverty is currently my state." His reply email was to a medical practice with two locations, one in NYC, one on Long Island... and he was a partner in the practice. SO... don't do this. I don't ask you for discounted thoracic surgery. And if you're going to do this at least don't be so clearly dumb and clueless.

*this is a true story - this happened.


Hmmm... I'm not sure if this is a thing, even, but if you can figure out how to give me some hours of my life back, I'll figure out a way to give your money back...?